Copyright (C) 1992, Digital Equipment Corporation                         
 All rights reserved.                                                      
 See the file COPYRIGHT for a full description.                            
 Last modified on Wed Dec 21 18:28:34 PST 1994 by heydon                   

INTERFACE ScrnFontExtras;
Extensions to the ScrnFont interface.

IMPORT ScrnFont, Rect;

PROCEDURE TightBoundingBox(txt: TEXT; fnt: ScrnFont.T): Rect.T;
Return the smallest rectangle enclosing the ink resulting from painting txt at the origin in the font fnt. Requires txt # NIL. If fnt is NIL or the font's metrics are NIL, then the result is a rectangle whose southwest corner is the origin, and whose height is 1 and whose width is the length of txt.

PROCEDURE TightBoundingBoxSub(READONLY txt: ARRAY OF CHAR; fnt: ScrnFont.T):
Like TightBoundingBox, but the string is passed as an array of characters instead of as a TEXT.

PROCEDURE TightBoundingBoxSubValid(
  fnt: ScrnFont.T;
  VAR (*OUT*) valid: BOOLEAN)
  : Rect.T;
Like TightBoundingBoxSub, but valid is set to TRUE iff all characters of txt are valid. If fnt is NIL or the font's metrics are NIL, then valid will be TRUE independent of txt.

END ScrnFontExtras.