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A Source.T represents the state of the source view.


IMPORT View, VBT, JunoAST, JunoCompileErr;

  T <: Public;
  Public = View.T OBJECT METHODS
    init(root: View.Root): T;
NEW(T).init(r) creates a new source view on the root r.

PROCEDURE Compile(s: T; time: VBT.TimeStamp; skipify: BOOLEAN): BOOLEAN;
Take the following two steps:

       1. If the current command is out-of-date, parse the current command, and
       2. Compile the current command (reflecting "skipify") and install its
compiled code.

If any parse or compilation errors occur, display an error message, highlight the error using timestamp time. Otherwise, set s.root.astTrue to TRUE.

PROCEDURE Make(s: T; time: VBT.TimeStamp; skipify: BOOLEAN): BOOLEAN;
Call Compile(s, time, skipify). If that succeeds, update the drawing (thereby setting s.root.dTrue to TRUE) and unparse the current command (thereby setting s.root.sTrue to TRUE). The current command that gets unparsed will contain any new hints engendered by running the current command when the drawing is updated.

Returns TRUE iff no lex, parse, compilation, or run-time errors occurred.

    s: T; ast: JunoAST.T;
    READONLY err: JunoCompileErr.ErrVal;
    ts: VBT.TimeStamp);
Unparse ast to s, highlight its subtree err.ast, and display the message err.msg to the user. If err.ast is not a subtree of ast, the error message and error tree are written to standard error.

Return the contents of s.

PROCEDURE SetText(s: T; txt: TEXT);
Set the contents of s to txt. Used when restoring a checkpoint.

END Source.

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