* For information about this program, contact Blair MacIntyre * ( or Steven Feiner ( * at the Computer Science Dept., Columbia University, * 1214 Amsterdam Ave. Mailstop 0401, New York, NY, 10027. * * Copyright (C) 1995, 1996 by The Trustees of Columbia University in the * City of New York. Blair MacIntyre, Computer Science Department. * * This file is released under the same conditions as Pickle.m3. See COPYRIGHT. *


IMPORT Rd, Wr, RTPacking, Thread, ConvertPacking;


  TypeCode = INTEGER;

PROCEDURE Read (v: ConvertPacking.ReadVisitor; r: REFANY; tc: TypeCode;
                from: RTPacking.T; to: RTPacking.T;
                READONLY shape: ARRAY OF INTEGER)
    RAISES { Error, Rd.EndOfFile, Rd.Failure, Thread.Alerted };
Read in r with type tc using v. The packing of the data in the file is defined by v.from, the packing of the data in memory in shape is the dimmensions of the reference, if it is an Open Array. Otherwise, it is ignored. Proper conversions are applied. It is assumed that r has been properly allocated to handle the incoming data.

PROCEDURE Write (v: ConvertPacking.WriteVisitor; r: REFANY; tc: TypeCode;
                 from: RTPacking.T;  READONLY shape: ARRAY OF INTEGER;
                 n: INTEGER)
    RAISES { Error, Wr.Failure, Thread.Alerted };
Write r using v. The data is writen in the local data format.

END PklTipeMap.