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 All rights reserved.                                        
 See the file COPYRIGHT for a full description.              
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FROM M3CG IMPORT Type, MType, ZType, IType, Sign, ByteOffset;
FROM M3CG_Ops IMPORT ErrorHandler;

IMPORT M3x86Rep, Codex86, Wrx86, TIntN;
FROM M3x86Rep IMPORT Operand, OLoc, MVar, Regno, Force, FlToInt;
FROM M3x86Rep IMPORT x86Proc, x86Var, OperandPart, AllRegisters;

bounded means the shift count has already been checked to be less than 32 or such, * unbounded means it might be arbitrarily high.
TYPE ShiftType = { LeftAlreadyBounded, RightAlreadyBounded, UnboundedPositiveIsLeft };

TYPE T <: Public;
        unlock ();
        clearall ();
        releaseall ();
        all_to_mem ();
        lock (r: Regno);
        find (stackp: CARDINAL; force: Force; set := AllRegisters;
              hintaddr := FALSE);
        freereg (set := AllRegisters; operandPart: OperandPart): Regno;
        set_reg (stackp: CARDINAL; r: Regno; operandPart: OperandPart);
        set_type (stackp: CARDINAL; type: Type);
        dealloc_reg (stackp: CARDINAL; operandPart: OperandPart);
        corrupt (reg: Regno; operandPart: OperandPart);
        set_fstack (stackp: CARDINAL);
        set_mvar (stackp: CARDINAL; READONLY mvar: MVar);
        set_imm (stackp: CARDINAL; READONLY imm: TIntN.T);
        loc (stackp: CARDINAL): OLoc;
        op (stackp: CARDINAL): Operand;
        pos (depth: CARDINAL; place: TEXT): CARDINAL;
        discard (depth: CARDINAL);
        set_error_handler (err: ErrorHandler);
        push (READONLY mvar: MVar);
        pushnew (type: MType; force: Force; set := AllRegisters);
        pushimmI (imm: INTEGER; type: Type);
        pushimmT (imm: TIntN.T; type: Type);
        pop (READONLY mvar: MVar);
        doloadaddress (v: x86Var; o: ByteOffset);
        dobin (op: Op; symmetric, overwritesdest: BOOLEAN; type: Type): BOOLEAN;
        dostoreind (o: ByteOffset; type: MType);
        doumul ();
        doimul ();
        dodiv (a, b: Sign);
        domod (a, b: Sign);
        doneg (stack_position := 0);
        doabs ();
        domaxmin (type: ZType; maxmin: MaxMin);
        fltoint (mode: FlToInt; type: Type);
        inttoflt ();
        doshift (type: IType; shiftType: ShiftType): BOOLEAN;
        dorotate (type: IType): BOOLEAN;
        doextract (type: IType; sign_extend: BOOLEAN);
        doextract_n (type: IType; sign_extend: BOOLEAN; count: CARDINAL);
        doextract_mn (type: IType; sign_extend: BOOLEAN; offset, count: CARDINAL);
        doinsert (type: IType);
        doinsert_n (type: IType; count: CARDINAL);
        doinsert_mn (type: IType; offset, count: CARDINAL);
        swap ();
        doloophole (from, to: ZType);
        doindex_address (shift, size: INTEGER; neg: BOOLEAN);
        docopy (type: MType; overlap: BOOLEAN);
        docopy_n (n: INTEGER; type: MType; overlap: BOOLEAN);
        doimm (op: Op; READONLY imm: TIntN.T; overwritesdest: BOOLEAN);
        newdest (READONLY op: Operand);
        init ();
        end ();
        set_current_proc (p: x86Proc);
        reg (stackp: CARDINAL): Regno;
        lower (reg: Regno): TIntN.T;
        set_lower (reg: Regno; low: TIntN.T);
        upper (reg: Regno): TIntN.T;
        set_upper (reg: Regno; up: TIntN.T);
        non_nil (reg: Regno): BOOLEAN;
        set_non_nil (reg: Regno);

TYPE MaxMin = { Max, Min };

PROCEDURE New (parent: M3x86Rep.U; cg: Codex86.T; debug: BOOLEAN): T;

PROCEDURE Debug (t: T;  tag: TEXT;  wr: Wrx86.T);

END Stackx86.