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Internal computations of Dragon require the use of bignums. Also, the fraction of a floating-point number can occupy more bits than there are in a Word.T. We use an ad-hoc implementation of bignums, because only few of the arithmetic operations are needed, and only positive numbers are needed.

Except for Zero and One, it is an unchecked runtime error to pass a DragonInt.T, x, to a method of any DragonInt.Session other than the one that returned x.

  Session <: REFANY;

PROCEDURE NewSession (): Session;
allocates, initializes, and returns a fresh session.

PROCEDURE EndSession (s: Session);
called at the end of a session for statistics gathering.


  Zero = T {0, 0};
  One  = T {1, 1};

PROCEDURE New (s: Session;  a, b: INTEGER): T;
returns a T representing the 64-bit value: (a & 16_ffffffff)<<32 + (b & 16_ffffffff)

PROCEDURE copy (s: Session;  READONLY a: T): T;
returns a copy of a

PROCEDURE add (s: Session;  READONLY a,b: T): T;
returns the sum of a and b

PROCEDURE diff (s: Session;  READONLY a,b: T): T;
returns a - b; b is assumes a >= b

PROCEDURE compare (s: Session;  READONLY a, b: T): [-1..1];
returns -1, 0, or 1 when a < b, a = b, or a > b

PROCEDURE max (s: Session;  READONLY a, b: T): T;
returns the biggest of a and b

PROCEDURE shift (s: Session;  READONLY a: T; n: INTEGER): T;
returns a shifted n bits, to the left for n>0, to the right for n<0 == returns (a * 2^n)

PROCEDURE times2 (s: Session;  READONLY a: T): T;
returns 2 * a

PROCEDURE timesTenInPlace (s: Session;  VAR a: T): T;
modifies a to be 10 * a and returns it

PROCEDURE divideTen (s: Session;  READONLY a: T): T;
returns a / 10

PROCEDURE divmod (s: Session;  READONLY a, b : T; VAR d: INTEGER): T;
assume that a = d * b + res, with d a number between 0 and 9; computes d and returns res.
----- debugging stats ---
  maxHighWater := 0;
  highWater    : ARRAY [0..100] OF CARDINAL;
  allocates    : ARRAY [0..100] OF CARDINAL;
  nSessions    := 0;
  nAllocates   := 0;

END DragonInt.