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      Modified On Fri May 29 16:46:51 PDT 1992 by muller                   

This interface provides procedures to start performance tools with a very low-level communication channel.


PROCEDURE Start (param: TEXT;  VAR w: Handle): BOOLEAN;
If the Modula runtime parameter param is not set, return FALSE. Otherwise, use the value of that parameter to determine the name of the program to start. If the value of the parameters is , the param is used as its value. Start the program and wait until it writes a byte on its stdout file. If everything succeeds, return TRUE and set w to a handle connected to the tool's stdin file. Otherwise, return FALSE.

PROCEDURE Close (w: Handle);
Makes a good effort attempt to shutdown the connection to the tool attached to w. The result of reusing a closed handle is undefined.

PROCEDURE Send (w: Handle;  at: ADDRESS;  len: CARDINAL): BOOLEAN;
Sends len bytes of data beginning at address at to the monitoring tool connected to handle w. Returns TRUE iff the operation was successful. This routine must be called from within a runtime critical section.

END RTPerfTool.