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This interface provides the runtime shutdown routines.

PROCEDURE RegisterExitor (p: PROCEDURE ());
Registers the procedure p to be executed when Exit is called. The registered procedures are executed in reverse of the order they were registered.

call the registered exitors and terminate the program with status n. Terminating a Modula-3 program by ``falling off the end'' is like calling Exit(0).

PROCEDURE Crash (msg: TEXT);
Call the registered exitors and terminate the program with the error message msg. If possible, invoke a debugger or generate a core dump.

PROCEDURE InvokeExitors ();
Run the registered exit procedures, at most once.

PROCEDURE OnInterrupt (p: InterruptHandler): InterruptHandler;
Register 'p' as the handler to be called on the next interrupt signal and return the currently registered handler. Note that 'p' must be NIL or a top-level procedure.

TYPE InterruptHandler = PROCEDURE ();

PROCEDURE RegisterInterruptSetup (enable, disable: PROCEDURE ());
Registers enable and disable as the machine-specific setup procedures to enable and disable respectively control-C handling.

TYPE ForkHandler = PROCEDURE();
RegisterForkHandlers: pthreads: pthread_atfork Win32: just return 0 -- success but it doesn't do anything user threads: maintains its own globals no dependence on -pthread/-pthreads/-lpthread because they are apparently broken on some systems
<* EXTERNAL RTProcess__RegisterForkHandlers *>
PROCEDURE RegisterForkHandlers(prep, parent, child: ForkHandler): INTEGER;
Fork: pthreads: fork (fork1 on Solaris) Win32: non-existant user threads: fork but handles RegisterForkHandlers
<* EXTERNAL RTProcess__Fork *>

END RTProcess.

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