Copyright (C) 1994, Digital Equipment Corporation.         
 All rights reserved.                                       
 See the file COPYRIGHT for a full description.             


FROM Ctypes IMPORT int, unsigned_int, void_star;
FROM Utypes IMPORT size_t;
IMPORT Upthreadtypes;

  pthread_t = void_star;
  pthread_attr_t = Upthreadtypes.pthread_attr_t;
  pthread_mutex_t = Upthreadtypes.pthread_mutex_t;
  pthread_cond_t = RECORD data: ARRAY[1..6] OF LONGINT; END;
  pthread_key_t = unsigned_int;

  destructor_t = PROCEDURE(arg: ADDRESS);
  start_routine_t = PROCEDURE(arg: ADDRESS): ADDRESS;

  PTHREAD_MUTEX_INITIALIZER = pthread_mutex_t {0, .. };
  PTHREAD_COND_INITIALIZER = pthread_cond_t { ARRAY[1..6] OF LONGINT { 0L, .. } };

<*EXTERNAL pthread_create*> PROCEDURE create (VAR pthread: pthread_t; READONLY attr: pthread_attr_t; start_routine: start_routine_t; arg: ADDRESS): int;
<*EXTERNAL pthread_detach*> PROCEDURE detach (thread: pthread_t): int;
<*EXTERNAL pthread_self*> PROCEDURE self (): pthread_t;
<*EXTERNAL pthread_equal*> PROCEDURE equal (t1, t2: pthread_t): int;
<*EXTERNAL pthread_attr_init*> PROCEDURE attr_init (VAR attr: pthread_attr_t): int;
<*EXTERNAL pthread_attr_destroy*> PROCEDURE attr_destroy (VAR attr: pthread_attr_t): int;
<*EXTERNAL pthread_attr_getstacksize*> PROCEDURE attr_getstacksize (READONLY attr: pthread_attr_t; VAR stacksize: size_t): int;
<*EXTERNAL pthread_attr_setstacksize*> PROCEDURE attr_setstacksize (VAR attr: pthread_attr_t; stacksize: size_t): int;
<*EXTERNAL pthread_yield*> PROCEDURE yield (): int;
<*EXTERNAL pthread_mutex_init*> PROCEDURE mutex_init (VAR mutex: pthread_mutex_t; attr: ADDRESS): int;
<*EXTERNAL pthread_mutex_destroy*> PROCEDURE mutex_destroy (VAR mutex: pthread_mutex_t): int;
<*EXTERNAL pthread_mutex_lock*> PROCEDURE mutex_lock (VAR mutex: pthread_mutex_t): int;
<*EXTERNAL pthread_mutex_unlock*> PROCEDURE mutex_unlock (VAR mutex: pthread_mutex_t): int;
<*EXTERNAL pthread_cond_init*> PROCEDURE cond_init (VAR cond: pthread_cond_t; attr: ADDRESS): int;
<*EXTERNAL pthread_cond_destroy*> PROCEDURE cond_destroy (VAR cond: pthread_cond_t): int;
<*EXTERNAL pthread_cond_wait*> PROCEDURE cond_wait (VAR cond: pthread_cond_t; VAR mutex: pthread_mutex_t): int;
<*EXTERNAL pthread_cond_signal*> PROCEDURE cond_signal (VAR cond: pthread_cond_t): int;
<*EXTERNAL pthread_key_create*> PROCEDURE key_create (VAR key: pthread_key_t; destructor: destructor_t): int;
<*EXTERNAL pthread_key_delete*> PROCEDURE key_delete (key: pthread_key_t): int;
<*EXTERNAL pthread_getspecific*> PROCEDURE getspecific (key: pthread_key_t): ADDRESS;
<*EXTERNAL pthread_setspecific*> PROCEDURE setspecific (key: pthread_key_t; value: ADDRESS): int;
<*EXTERNAL pthread_kill*> PROCEDURE kill (thread: pthread_t; sig: int): int;

END Upthread.

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