Copyright (C) 1989, Digital Equipment Corporation           
 All rights reserved.                                        
 See the file COPYRIGHT for a full description.              

File: MxGen.i3 Last Modified On Fri Nov 11 13:00:26 PST 1994 By kalsow



PROCEDURE GenerateMain (base       : Mx.LinkSet;
                        c_output   : Wr.T;
                        cg_output  : M3CG.T;
                        verbose    : BOOLEAN;
                        windowsGUI : BOOLEAN;
                        lazy       : BOOLEAN := FALSE);
write the list of compilation units in 'base' on 'c_output' or 'cg_output' in a correct Modula-3 initialization order. If 'c_output' is non-NIL, a C source program is generated. If 'cg_output' is non-NIL, a Modula-3 intermediate code file (M3CG) is generated. It is a an checked runtime error for both or neither of 'c_output' and 'cg_output' to be non-NIL. It is an error to pass a 'base' that hasn't successfully passed through 'MxCheck.IsProgram'. If `lazy' is true, only the module(s) exporting Main will be initalially linked (and thus their transitive hull initialized), otherwise all modules will be linked.

VAR debugLevel: INTEGER;

END MxGen.