Copyright (C) 1989, Digital Equipment Corporation           
 All rights reserved.                                        
 See the file COPYRIGHT for a full description.              

File: MxMerge.i3 Last Modified On Tue Mar 23 09:26:46 PST 1993 By kalsow



PROCEDURE MergeUnit (unit   : Mx.Unit;
                     base   : Mx.LinkSet;
                     errors : Wr.T): Mx.UnitList;
check that the version stamps in 'unit' and the version stamps of the units in 'base' are consistent. If they are, 'base' is updated to include 'unit' and NIL is returned, otherwise 'base' is left unmodified and the list of inconsistent units is returned. If there are inconsistencies, error messages are written on 'errors'. If 'errors' is NIL, the error messages are silently dropped. It is an unchecked runtime error to modify any of the units or their referents once they've been merged with 'base'.

END MxMerge.