Copyright (C) 1991, Digital Equipment Corporation           
 All rights reserved.                                        
 See the file COPYRIGHT for a full description.              


IMPORT Atom, Wr;
IMPORT AST, ASTWalk, M3Context;

  Handle <: Public;
  Public = ASTWalk.Closure OBJECT
    wr: Wr.T;
    intf: Atom.T;
    context: M3Context.T;

PROCEDURE NewHandle(wr: Wr.T; intf: TEXT; c: M3Context.T): Handle;
Creates a new handle suitable for passing to ASTWalk.VisitNodes, or directly to Node, from another walk. The callback method is set to Node. If NetObj.T is not defined in context c, returns NIL

PROCEDURE OneStub(c: M3Context.T; qid: Type.Qid; wr: Wr.T): INTEGER;
Generate stub code for the network object whose type is named by qid. c is the current compilation context. Errors and info output goes to wr. A non-zero returned value indicates an error

PROCEDURE Node(h: Handle; n: AST.NODE; vm: ASTWalk.VisitMode);
If n is a Proc_decl node, output its name on h.wr.

END AstToType.

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