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IMPORT TextPortClass;

TYPE T <: TextPortClass.Model;

END XtermModel.
The Xterm model, patterned after xterm(1), supports a single selection, Primary, which is an alias for Source. The Primary selection is never in replace-mode. The Xterm model is not influenced by commands in the user's .Xdefaults file.

A single-left-click establishes the keyboard focus and insertion point, but it does not change (acquire) the selection. A double-left-click selects the current word; a triple-left-click selects the current line. More clicks rotate among these three options.

Single-left-click and drag selects a range of characters. Double-left-click and drag selects a range of words, and triple-left-click and drag selects a range of lines.

Middle-click pastes the current source selection at the insertion point, which need not be at the end of the text (as it would be for a ``typescript'').

Right-click extends the current selection, re-highlighting it if needed.

The shift key has no effect on the mouse; it is ignored, so that shift-left-click, for example, has the same effect as left-click. The control and meta (``option'') keys, however, are not ignored; they cause the mouse-clicks to be no-ops, and they have different keybindings. Control-left-click, for example, has no effect.

The only keybindings that are supported are these:

\begin{center} \begin{tabbing} option-LongKeyName \= This is just a tab-setting line. \kill control-u \> delete everything from the current position \\ \> to the beginning of the line \\ control-z \> {\bf Undo} \\ control-shift-z \> {\bf Redo} \\ meta-x \> {\bf Cut} \\ meta-c \> {\bf Copy} \\ meta-v \> {\bf Paste}

\end{tabbing} \end{center}

Note that Copy does very little; since Primary is an alias for Source, nothing is actually copied.