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A PixmapVBT.T is a VBT that displays a pixmap.

The minimum size of a PixmapVBT is just large enough to display its pixmap (surrounded by any margins that were supplied when the PixmapVBT was created). Its preferred size is the same as its minimum size, and its maximum size is very large.


IMPORT VBT, PaintOp, Pixmap;

  T <: Public;
  Public =
      <* LL.sup <= VBT.mu *>
      init (pm: Pixmap.T;
            halign, valign: REAL := 0.5;
            hmargin, vmargin: REAL := 0.0;
            op: PaintOp.T := PaintOp.BgFg;
            bg: PaintOp.T := PaintOp.Bg): T
The call v.init(...) initializes v as a PixmapVBT displaying pixmap pm using the paint op op, and returns v.

If halign = 0.0, the west boundary of the pixmap will be indented by the given hmargin (in millimeters) from the west boundary of the VBT; if halign = 1.0, the east boundary of the pixmap will be inside the east boundary of the VBT by the given hmargin; for other values of halign, the horizontal position of the text is computed by linear interpolation. In particular, halign = 0.5 centers the pixmap horizontally. The vertical position is determined by vmargin and valign in a similar way.

If the domain of v is larger than the pixmap, the background is painted using the tint bg.

When the pixmap has depth 1, op should be a pair of tints. Otherwise, a good choice for op is PaintOp.Copy.

PROCEDURE Put (v: T; pm: Pixmap.T);
<* LL.sup = VBT.mu *>
Change the pixmap displayed by v to pm, and mark v for redisplay.

PROCEDURE SetColors (v : T;
                     op: PaintOp.T;
                     bg: PaintOp.T   := PaintOp.Bg);
<* LL.sup = VBT.mu *>
Change the op and bg of v, and mark v for redisplay.

END PixmapVBT.