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A ShadowedFeedbackVBT is a multi-filter feedback that displays a 3-D border as visual feedback to another VBT.

INTERFACE ShadowedFeedbackVBT;

IMPORT FeedbackVBT, Shadow, VBT;

  <* SUBTYPE T <: MultiFilter.T *>
  T <: Public;
  Public =
    FeedbackVBT.T OBJECT
      <* LL <= VBT.mu *>
      init (ch            : VBT.T;
            shadow        : Shadow.T := NIL;
            onStyle                  := Shadow.Style.Lowered;
            onExcitedStyle           := Shadow.Style.Raised;
            offStyle                 := Shadow.Style.Raised;
            offExcitedStyle          := Shadow.Style.Lowered): T
The call v.init(ch, shadow, ...) initializes v as a ShadowedFeedbackVBT. The internal structure of v includes a ShadowedVBT for displaying the shadow shadow around ch. The default normal and excited methods change the style of the shadow, taking into account the state of v. For example, when FeedbackVBT.GetState(v) returns FALSE, the excited method uses the value of offExcitedStyle.

On a monochrome screen (whenever Shadow.IsSupport(v, shadow) is false), ch is inverted by the default normal method when the state is ``on'' and by the excited method when the state is ``off.''

The default parameters to the init method generate a feedback that is appropriate for buttons. The following procedure generates a feedback that is appropriate for use by menu buttons:

PROCEDURE NewMenu (ch: VBT.T; shadow: Shadow.T := NIL): T;
<* LL <= VBT.mu *>
Return a ShadowedFeedbackVBT appropriate for menu buttons. The normal method always uses Shadow.Style.Flat; the excited method always uses Shadow.Style.Lowered.

END ShadowedFeedbackVBT.