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 All rights reserved.                                                      
 See the file COPYRIGHT for a full description.                            
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A ShadowedVBT.T is a filter whose parent's screen consists of the child's screen surrounded by a 3-D border. The style, size, and colors of the shadow can be set dynamically. The parent's shape is determined from the child's shape by adding the size of the shadow.


IMPORT Filter, Shadow, VBT;

  T <: Public;
  Private <: Filter.T;
  Public = Private OBJECT
      <* LL.sup <= VBT.mu *>
      init (ch: VBT.T;
            shadow: Shadow.T := NIL;
            style: Shadow.Style := Shadow.Style.Flat): T;
The call v.init(...) initializes v as a ShadowedVBT with child ch and the given shadow and style. When Shadow.Support(shadow, v) is TRUE, each dimension of v exceeds the corresponding dimension of ch by 2 * ABS(shadow.size); otherwise, each dimension of v exceeds the corresponding dimension of ch by 2 * ABS(shadow.size/2). If shadow=NIL, it defaults to Shadow.None.

PROCEDURE Set (v: T; shadow: Shadow.T);
<* LL.sup = VBT.mu *>
Change the size and colors of v's shadow and mark v for redisplay.

PROCEDURE SetStyle (v: T; style: Shadow.Style);
<* LL.sup = VBT.mu *>
Change the style of v's shadow, and mark v for redisplay.

PROCEDURE Get (v: T): Shadow.T;
<* LL.sup = VBT.mu *>
Return v's shadow.

PROCEDURE GetStyle (v: T): Shadow.Style;
<* LL.sup = VBT.mu *>
Return v's shadow style.

END ShadowedVBT.