Copyright (C) 1996, Digital Equipment Corporation            
 All rights reserved.                                         
 See the file COPYRIGHT for a full description.               
 Last modified on Fri May 17 10:38:18 PDT 1996 by mhb         

The VBTKitEnv interface provides a way to collect in one place the various environment variables that widgets in the vbtkit use for controlling their appearance.

SCROLLBARLOC specifies where scrollbars should be placed. The possible values are north, northeast, northwest, south, southeast, southwest, east, and west. The default location for a vertical scrollbar is west; and for a horizontal scrollbar, the default location is south.

VAR (* read-only after initialization *)
  ScrollbarWest:  BOOLEAN := TRUE;
  ScrollbarSouth: BOOLEAN := TRUE;
TEXTPORTMODEL specifies the editing model that text-editing widgets should use. The possible values are emacs, ivy, mac, and xterm; emacs is the default value. See the TextPort interface for more information.

VAR (* read-only after initialization *)
  TextPortModel: TEXT := "emacs";