Copyright (C) 1993, Digital Equipment Corporation 
 All rights reserved. 
 See the file COPYRIGHT for a full description. 
 Last modified on Mon Aug 29 15:45:20 PDT 1994 by bharat 
 modified on Fri Jul 2 16:33:31 PDT 1993 by mhb 
All components (forms/frames/widgets) in NodeVBT are instances of NodeVBT

INTERFACE GenerateObliq;


  callbackTemplate : TEXT;
  sessionConstructor := "CreateEachFormOnce(LOCAL);\n";
  globalCode : TEXT := "";
  serverSideCode : TEXT := "";

PROCEDURE GenerateCode(fv : FormsVBT.T; progname: TEXT:= NIL;
  bundled: BOOLEAN := TRUE): TEXT;

Generates specified executable if bundled else a set of executables for greater readability. WARNING : progname should be alphanumeric - no underscores or whitespace If progname is NIL then no code is written to file Returns the entire program as a text or the session module if not bundled

PROCEDURE Initialize();
This loads in all the relevant templates into its internal datastructure

PROCEDURE SlashQuotes( string: TEXT) : TEXT;
PROCEDURE SlashSlashes(string: TEXT) : TEXT;
useful when embedding strings in an Obliq file

END GenerateObliq.