Copyright (C) 1992, Digital Equipment Corporation                         
 All rights reserved.                                                      
 See the file COPYRIGHT for a full description.                            

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IMPORT Color, ColorName, TextIntTbl, TextRefTbl;

VAR table: TextIntTbl.T;
Maps NormalizeName(name) to index into Basic. Used for name -> color.

TYPE Cache = MUTEX OBJECT table: TextRefTbl.T END;

VAR nameCache: Cache;
cache of normalized names that have been looked up:

PROCEDURE NormalizeName (a: TEXT): TEXT;
Deletes all whitespace in a and converts to lower case

TYPE NotInTable = PROCEDURE (name: TEXT): Color.T RAISES {ColorName.NotFound};

PROCEDURE LowerCaseToRGB (name: TEXT; p: NotInTable): Color.T
  RAISES {ColorName.NotFound};

END ColorNameF.