Copyright (C) 1992, Digital Equipment Corporation                         
 All rights reserved.                                                      
 See the file COPYRIGHT for a full description.                            
 Last modified on Mon May 30 20:55:34 PDT 1994 by heydon                   
      modified on Sat Oct 17 14:23:06 PST 1992 by gnelson                  


IMPORT VBT, TextPort, Wr;

    tp: TextPort.T;
    errmsg: TEXT;
    start, finish: INTEGER := -1;
    time: VBT.TimeStamp := 0);
<* LL.sup = VBT.mu *>
Pop up an error window in tp containing the message errmsg. If start # -1 AND finish # -1, then select the text between start and finish in tp (in pending-replace mode), and scroll the window so this selection is visible; in this case, time is the timestamp of the event causing the error. Otherwise, time is ignored.

PROCEDURE Display(v: VBT.T; errmsg: TEXT); <* LL.sup < v *>
Display the error message to the user in a pop-up window above v.

PROCEDURE DisplayPS(wr: Wr.T; errmsg: TEXT) RAISES {Wr.Failure};
Write the appropriate PostScript code to wr to display the error message errmsg in a box centered in the lower half of the output page.

END JunoError.