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IMPORT Atom, Formatter, AtomRefTbl, StubCode, Type;
Return a textual representation of the type t. If byName = TRUE, and type T is named, then return the name. Otherwise return text for the delcaration of T. Note that even with byName = FALSE, typeNames will be used within the text for t's declaration

PROCEDURE ToText(t: Type.T; byName: BOOLEAN := TRUE): TEXT;
Output on f a procedure header with name procName and signature derived from sig. The signature differs from sig in that a first parameter self of type objType is inserted.

PROCEDURE QidToText(qid: Type.Qid): TEXT;
Output on f a header for a procedure with namd procName and a signature derived from sig. The signature differs from sig in that it's first argument is a self argument of type objType, and its formal parameters' names are suffixed by suffix. pragmas is a list of text for pragmas to precede arguments; pragma[i] preceeds the ith parameter in sig.

PROCEDURE ProcHeader(f: Formatter.T;
                       objType: Type.Object;
                       procName: TEXT;
                       sig: Type.Signature;
                       pragmas: REF ARRAY OF TEXT := NIL;
                       suffix := "");
Add to importTbl the names of the interfaces (encoded as atoms) that must be imported to represent type t. If byName = TRUE, and # NIL then the only interface added to importTbl is Otherwise, the interface(s) for each component of the definition of t will be included, by calling ImportList recursively with byName = TRUE.

At the top level, the methods in methods[0..lastNewMethod] are scanned for imports.

TYPE MethodData = RECORD name, intf: Atom.T; sig: Type.Signature END;
     MethodList = REF ARRAY OF MethodData;
Add to the table importTbl the names of interfaces that must be imported for both interface and module stubs for type T
PROCEDURE ImportList(t: Type.Object;
                     importTbl: AtomRefTbl.T;
                     methods: MethodList;
                     lastNewMethod: INTEGER;
                     byName := TRUE);
Add to importTbl the names of interfaces that must be imported for the stub module but not the stub interface. These consist of, for each method in t.methods[0..lastNewMethod], 1. interfaces named in the RAISES clause 2. interfaces for marshalled reference types 3. interfaces for the index type of marshalled arrays Here a type is said to be marshalled if it is a method argument or result, or is a component of a non-reference marshalled type.
PROCEDURE AddModuleImports(importTbl: AtomRefTbl.T;
                           methods: MethodList;
                           lastNewMethod: INTEGER);

PROCEDURE AugmentImportList(importList: AtomRefTbl.T;
     READONLY newImports: ARRAY OF Atom.T);
Add the interfaces in newImports to importList if they are not there already.
 PROCEDURE ImportRevelations(t: Type.Reference; importTbl: RefTable.T); 
 Add to the table importTbl the names of interfaces that provide
   revelations of t or one of its supertypes. 

PROCEDURE ProduceImports(fmtWr: Formatter.T; objName: Type.Qid;
                         imports: AtomRefTbl.T);
Output on fmtWr an IMPORT statement for the supertype, if any, whose methods will be used in the surrogate and dispatcher. lastNewMethod is the index in methods of the last method that is not shared with a superType. If lastNewMethod = LAST(methods^), there is no sharing and no import statement is produced.

PROCEDURE ImportSuperStubs(fmtWr: Formatter.T;
                           methods: StubCode.MethodList;
                           lastNewMethod: INTEGER;
                           typeName: Atom.T);

END CodeForType.

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