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 All rights reserved.                                                      
 See the file COPYRIGHT for a full description.                            
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A ButtonVBT.T is a filter with an associated action procedure that is called when the user clicks on the button or makes some other appropriate gesture.

Different subtypes of ButtonVBTs invoke the action procedure on different user gestures, but all ButtonVBTs have the three methods pre, post, and cancel. They all interpret user gestures in such a way that the sequence of calls will be in the regular expression

      ( (pre cancel) | (pre action post) )*
The minimum, maximum, and preferred size of a ButtonVBT are all equal to the minimum size of its child, in each axis.


IMPORT VBT, Filter, PackSplit, PaintOp;

  T <: Public;
  Public = Filter.T OBJECT (*CONST*)
    action: Proc
    <* LL.sup = VBT.mu *>
    <* LL.sup <= VBT.mu *>
    init(ch: VBT.T;
      action: Proc;
      ref: REFANY := NIL): T;

  Proc =
    PROCEDURE(self: T; READONLY cd: VBT.MouseRec);
    <* LL.sup = VBT.mu *>
The call v.init(...) initializes v with child ch and action proc action and adds ref to v's property set if it is not NIL. The action procedure can access ref (if it is not NIL) by calling VBT.GetProp.

The mouse and position methods of a ButtonVBT.T call the pre method on a down click, and then call the cancel method if the user chords by clicking another mouse button or if the user moves the mouse out of the button. Otherwise they call the action procedure proc if the user releases the mouse button.

The default pre method highlights the button, the default post and cancel methods unhighlight it. Consequently there should be a HighlightVBT somewhere above the button. Since Trestle.Install automatically inserts a HighlightVBT, you usually don't have to worry about this.

The action procedure is a field rather than a method in order to allow buttons with different action procedures to share their method suites.

  ch: VBT.T;
  action: Proc;
  ref: REFANY := NIL): T; <* LL.sup = VBT.mu *>
New(...) is equivalent to NEW(T).init(...).

  ch0, ch1, ch2, ch3, ch4, ch5,
    ch6, ch7, ch8, ch9: VBT.T := NIL;
  op: PaintOp.T := PaintOp.Bg)
  : PackSplit.T; <* LL.sup = VBT.mu *>
Return a PackSplit with the given children, left-justified, and with its background painted with op.
 MenuBar is convenient for building a horizontal row of buttons.
   If the row fills up, the extra buttons will wrap to the next line. 

END ButtonVBT.